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Why Vent?

Not everything in life is roses and unicorns. Being human has always had its ups and downs; then the 2020 pandemic came our way and made everything worse. There is so much "gratitude is the attitude" psychobabble thrown in our face daily. We deal with constant images of positive affirmations, endless enlightening meditations, fad diets, self-help books, and numerous brain numbing medications. All this stuff makes us feel guilty for not being positive, healthy, and happy all of the time. We are groomed to feel that something is wrong with us for being frustrated or struggling with life. At Venting Session we understand the value of releasing the negative thoughts. We encourage members to vent out all the frustrations. For many, venting is a healing process. Join a group session that fits your lifestyle and see if venting can help you.

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Benifts of Venting

  • Self-help books can only do so much, suppressing frustration is not always the best answer.

  • If you never address your thoughts of annoyance and disappointment in life it becomes even more difficult to move forward.

  • Life is hard, relationships are challenging, and our world is often not a fair and balanced place. Venting helps rationalize the reality of this. 

  • There is no book on life to get us through all of the unique challenges. Sometimes the answer is there is no answer and that's upsetting.

  • Venting, crying, yelling, and dropping your frustrations off, whether in a group setting or solo session, for many is very therapeutic.

  • Venting is different than talk therapy. Venting Session is not here to fix you, shame you, or guide you. We exist to hear you. Venting your annoyances can be helpful in letting it go and or finding peace with your thoughts.

  • A vent session may make you feel better. Laugh off life's troubles, and get your smile and sanity back. Take your troubles out on us, not your loved ones.

  • Stop bottling things up. Release the thoughts and hear them out-loud to gain some clarity. Don't waste another minute, try a venting session today!

What People Are Saying...

I've tried everything! Exercise, talk therapy, meditation, and I've read more self-help books than I care to admit. I must say, my monthly vent session has changed my life. There is something very freeing about having a place to be mad. I've done solo and group sessions. My solo time with Coach AJ was like gossiping to a best friend but I had the security of knowing I wouldn't get caught! The group sessions are wonderful because you know you are not alone. I highly recommend giving both a try!

- Jennifer S.

Everything around me is always pissing me off. I've had a short fuse since I was a kid. Being a husband, dad, son, and employee, I feel as though I'm always convincing myself not to say this or that. I know my thoughts are not always rational and I can't afford to lose my shit and have it negatively effect my life. I have done 2 group sessions per the advice of my wife and I'm shocked at how helpful they have been. Depending on how many people join the virtual meeting I am given 5-10 minutes to just blast strangers with my minds madness and it feels awesome! No judgement just venting! What a concept!!!

- Charlie M. 

I am currently transitioning from female to male and it is the most difficult time of my life. I feel so alone, so misunderstood, and I'm truly angry. This is not fair. I don't know how to educate others to understand me and I don't feel I should have to. I've done numerous private sessions with Coach AJ and she allowed me to cry, yell, and vent about all of my issues. I realize she is not here to "give therapy" but it has been the best therapy I've ever had. She is amazing and so understanding! I'm confident I'm managing this transition 100 times better because of our sessions. Thank you Coach AJ!

- Nadine "Nick" P.

Online Zoom Vent Session Topics


Covid-19 Life

MONDAYS @ 7:30pm (PST)

How bothered are you by our lock-down? How has this impacted your life? How are you handling the change?


Relationship Issues

SATURDAYS @ 10:30am (PST)

Do you have dating struggles?  In a complicated marriage? Lost that loving feeling? Scared of a breakup?

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Employment Issues

SUNDAYS @ 2:30pm (PST)

Are you overworked? Underpaid? Recently furloughed? Struggling to find quality work? Have a terrible boss?

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