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Coach AJ

President & Founder

Coach AJ has worked in the medical field for over a decade. Since 2016 she has serviced those who suffer from mood disorders, anxiety, and chronic pain. A popular blogger at where she shares her bold personality and opinions, AJ discovered a real need in today's world for an alternative approach to managing mental health. Venting has the ability to offer numerous benefits to many people. The cold hard fact is life is unfair and things we are forced to deal with often feel larger than us. We are judged all the time by insensitive people; and on the flip-side we are limited in the opinions we can share for fear of being criticized for our political incorrectness. There is a real lack of common sense in the world and the, "Every man for himself!" attitude doesn't help us feel the gratitude. AJ has learned that even the happiest and most mentally strong people around her are bothered by something. She created Venting Session so people would have an outlet to come together and vent proudly. Sign up and join a group session today, your first one is free! The topics for each session are listed on our "Vent Sessions" page. All sessions are first come first serve.


For a 30-minute private call or zoom meeting with Coach AJ, book using the link below, email your appointment request to, or call (424) 239-9366 to schedule. 

Never underestimate the power of a good vent!

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