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The Power of a Good Vent!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Never underestimate the power of a good vent. All too often we keep our mouth shut, put up with other peoples crap, and try to remain fair and balanced. We fill our surroundings with positive affirmations and drink out of coffee cups that remind us to be happy. Some things that are negative in life you simply must express and let it out! There is a real issue with people who "keep it all in" because this is the more appropriate, acceptable way to be. Please stop! Holding in your fear, worry, displeasure, and agitation cheats you from being the person that you really are.

You may think putting on a smile every day is the most helpful thing you can do to be happy. If your smile is fake; others will eventually figure it out. Your fake smile might temporarily make life easier for you and those around you but the long-term stress it can cause is not worth it. Your mind is not easily tricked out of its feelings and opinions. Stop pretending that you have it all together all the time. Don't strive to be perfect, instead, excel at being human. And let's be honest, being human sometimes comes with great upset and disappointment. Through venting you can hear out-load the issues at hand and often deal with and manage them better after. Join a vent session and feel its power today!

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